• 2012 BMW 320i

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  • Mar 2021
    My Bmw is awesome looks very quick good on petrol most talked about car at my workplace lol 😂 very happy chap 😁🙌👏
    —Taniela H - 2012 BMW 320i SPORT-LINE SEDAN 8A 4DR 2.0L
  • Sep 2020
    love the car.
    —Aaron C - 2012 BMW 320i M SPORT
  • Aug 2020
    Very good condition. Drives smoothly.
    —Ashish B - 2012 BMW 320i I Drive, Reversing Camera
  • Jul 2020
    Car runs incredibly smooth! Very good on gas and definitely has the power there if you need it.
    —Callum T - 2012 BMW 320i New Shape ***48HR SALE***
  • Jun 2020
    Is the best car ive ever owned
    —Felise F - 2012 BMW 320I LOW LOW KMS, LCI
  • Mar 2020
    Nice reliable car, good on fuel as well Superb pick up👍👍
    —Gurjeet K - 2012 BMW 320i
  • Nov 2019
    Car is good. Smooth running. I like it
    —Harkarn C - 2012 BMW 320i
  • Oct 2019
    The 302i is a great looking vehicle that fufilled all my family requirements whilst providing a sense of style and safety.
    —Peter B - 2012 BMW 320I