• 2012 BMW 120i

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Comment Highlights (5)

  • Mar 2020
    Good vechile
    —Harish B - 2012 BMW 120i Sport / Leather Seats / 17 Inch Genuine Alloys
  • Feb 2020
    Great car.
    —Michael F - 2012 BMW 120i Sport
  • Aug 2019
    Trustworthy vehicle and a very pleasant driving experience. It has a lot of power and it is very low on fuel consumption.
    —Nicolaas P - 2012 BMW 120i
  • Feb 2019
    Great car, looks good, drives well and super economical - even in the short time i have had it, i have noticed a difference.
    —Alexandra C - 2012 BMW 120I 120I
  • Jan 2018
    I wanted a car that looked good and that I would feel good driving The BMW is an amazing looking car, offers great fuel economy, runs well, corners incredibly, and can be parked anywhere!
    —Sean S - 2012 BMW 120i M-SPORT XENON