13 Nov 2018

Buying The Right Car Is An Art…And A Science

Buying a car is a decision that requires a lot of research and a balance between the art of building a relationship with the right car dealer and the science of knowing your numbers. Here’s some help.


Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision. It can take months of planning, budgeting and shopping around before even thinking about settling on a specific vehicle. When looking at different cars for sale, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed with information. It is for that reason that thorough research needs to be carried out by both the buyer and the salesman.


The art of buying the right car

Buying the right car can be extremely rewarding and the entire journey and process of purchasing a vehicle is one that should be as effortless as possible. There is an art behind buying the right car which goes far beyond just looking at the price tag or the face-value of the car vehicle.

 It’s always enjoyable to window shop for the perfect vehicle and to take in the beauty and the design of high-end machines. However, looks can be deceiving and it is not just about knowing the features of a car, but also understanding what it all means in a comprehensive package.


Need some help? You need to visit a car dealership and do some research!


The art of buying the right car usually starts with where you buy the car. Specifically, we’re talking about forming a reliable and firm relationship with the dealership from where you are planning to buy the car. As a buyer, you are not always going to be familiar with the details of the car and the technical specs either, which are extremely important. It is therefore vital that you build a relationship with the sales team so that you can trust what they are telling you about the car they are selling to you. This relationship is so important as you aren’t just engaging with this team once-off to buy the car, but rather for the entire lifespan of the car…think services, breakdowns and problems in the future!


The science behind buying a vehicle

When looking at cars for sale, a large amount of research needs to be done. After all this is an expensive asset that you’re purchasing, and you want to be analytical about it so you get your money’s worth. As a buyer, the research gets done before you even step foot onto the showroom floor. Doing this first will help you and the salesman narrow down your preferences, needs and requirements.


The science behind buying a vehicle involves searching for one that is economical for you and that fits perfectly in your budget. This does not stop at the cost of the vehicle but goes further by assessing your month to month expenditure to see that you can afford to pay for the car. This includes things such as monthly car repayments, insurance costs, the cost of fuel, maintenance, and wear and tear on the vehicle.


A major part of buying a car is calculating the cost that you can afford and finding financial service providers where you can get the best deal. Youth Garage offers finance that best suits you, that is quick and easy, and that allows you to trade your current car as a deposit.


Once your dream car has been found, the science does not end. The details of your soon to be vehicle need to be explained to you and understood by you. These details include things such as service history, maintenance costs, vehicle risk and insurance to name a few.


Getting the balance right will help eliminate any guesswork from such a large life decision and investment. The art and the science meet in the middle on the showroom floor where the best choice for each client is meticulously planned out.


After a lot of research, you can then decide on the make and model that you want and you can come together with the salesmen to pinpoint the perfect vehicle for you.


Talk to the Team at Youth Garage today and let them find the perfect car for you!

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